Blocked arteries, are you kidding me?

Dang, Okay so everyone knows that I post just about everything on here and I have been a little absent recently, so here goes.

On January 24th I had a heart cath done to make sure that everything was okay mostly due to family history but a I also had experienced an issue that I complained to my primary doctor about. She threw out that it was just my acid reflux an heartburn.

Well on February 4th the cardiologist diagnosed me with 60% blockage in one of my coronary arteries. I became a statistic.

He said that it was non-invasive because it was 60% & not 70%. Needless to say I was in shock.

He said we know that you have hereditary high cholesterol and borderline high BP and he wanted me to vigorously start working out. I sad “Doc, I do work out HARD 3-5 days per week, every week. I worked out like crazy.

I said the problem is I have never out trained my poor diet. We discussed this for a while, came up with a plan that I will talk about in a bit and I went home bummed & in shock.

When I got home I told Jackie and she started crying what was I going to do she asked. I went in the back and played guitar for awhile and then vegged.

The next week I was bummed, depressed and just down. I ate better but coming to terms with it wasn’t easy. Then last Thursday we were supposed to go see Buddy Guy in concert and I got so sick that I was in bed 3 days.

Saturday I woke up and started to put the plan that I made with Dr. Burke in to action. Fist and foremost nutrition. UGHHHHHH!!!!!! I have been a red meat aholic my entire life. Also chicken wings, fried chicken, Zaxby’s chicken (fried), and lord knows what else. If it was bad I figure, hey I worked out today. I can eat it.

Sunday Jackie made me meatloaf. My 1 small serving of red meat for the week.
Every night this week dinner has been a salad with a small piece of grilled chicken breast. Tonight was crab meat.

Lunches have been either grilled chicken, salad with lemon or lime juice or tuna fish with lemon or lime juice. Breakfast have been veggie & fruit smoothies & or egg whites. Snacks have been fruit or more salad.

Get the view here? No processed, fried, or any other crap. It has been a major adjustment but since last Wednesday I am down 8lbs.

Because of the procedure I wasn’t allowed to lift weights until tonight so it felt great. I was tough but it felt great.

So what was Dr. Burke’s goals? Drop 30-40lbs over the next 10 months. Very little red meat, fried or processed crap. Hey his words. Get my LDL from 215 to 70-90 & workout.

WORK OUT! I do that already. I am going to do this working out my way. That is hard and all out. When I reach this goal I am going to do something that Jackie Dooling Harvey says I could never do. I am going to see if I can enter an amateur MMA fight. I don’t care if it last 12 seconds, I just want to do it.

So I will be back posting the good & the bad of this journey if you want to follow along.

I found a song that I think fits as a them song as it says it all that I had BLASTING during my workout. It is It’s Not Over by Daughtry.

Jackie is here everyday making sure that I don’t misstep. I told her already that I miss the chicken wings.

Anyway, those who follow me thanks for keeping up.


I typed this up pretty fast so I hope that the spelling & grammar ins’t too bad.

Blessings & BE STRONG!

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