It has been a while, some changes coming.

As we kick off the new year I felt that it was time that I got back to my blogs. Yes, it has been a while and I have been sidetracked & distracted.

Last Summer I got engaged to a woman that I have been just CRAZY about for seven years. Yes, I know “What took you so long?”

In November my oldest daughter got married and just days later a week prior to Thanksgiving we all lost my brother in law to a massive heart-attack that came out of nowhere. So needless to say that the holidays were a tough struggle for my sister & niece. They will get through, they have family that loves & supports them. I just know that it is not going to an easy journey.


Now that you know how the year ended don’t worry, I am still positive so back to the blogs.

Deep In Thought

Deep In Thought

This site & blog started out as a fitness journey site but then I also created a website called “The Get Fit Guy” which also is a fitness site. While this website used to be dedicated to Beachbody & their products, my other blog will be a little more open to other things.

Don’t get me wrong now, I still use & love Beachbody products and that is part of my other site. I just wanted to change this blog up and make it more about doing more than getting by. I want it to be about our days, our struggles, our thoughts, our set backs & our successes.

So it is time for a change. A change for what I hope is the positive. I am going to write about things that I like & enjoy. Things that challenge us all like getting out of debt & network marketing. There will be other things but that will be a primary focus for me here.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not an expert at either of those subjects so let’s learn and grow together.

I will leave the old content but may change the categories up a little bit.

I hope that you hang around with me and that you see the changes as positive.

Who knows, I may change things around again. 🙂

Blessings & Stay STRONG!

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