Month workout test starts today

Today’s workout was my first monthly test. I am going to do this 1 Saturday a month for the next 3-6 months to test my progress.

1 – round of kettlebell ladders. This is 5 reps of swings/sumo squats/push-ups. You go 5-10-15-20-15-10-5. You are supposed to do this non-stop but I will be honest when after I finished 20 I had to stop for 15 seconds then 15 seconds after 10 & 5 on on the down count as well. This alone whipped me.

90 seconds rest rest then

Flat barbell bench with only 105lbs x 12-10-6-6 with 30 seconds rest between each set. It is not weight that is important here it is get as many good form reps in as you can.

Dumbbell shoulder press with 25lbs x 8-8-8 with 30 seconds rest.

2 hand dumbbell bend rows with 20lbs x 12-12-12 with 30 seconds rest.

Barbell curls with 50obs x 12-10-8 with 30 seconds rest.

1 minute jab punches.

Like I said the weight was not important. It was good form 7 short rest. This is M.I.T – MAX INTENSITY TRAINING. Unreal for fat loss with muscle gain.

Rest intervals are important. 30 seconds rest does no mean rest 30 seconds then get under/over the bar and get ready to start your next set. 30 seconds rest is at 30 seconds you are pumping out the next set.

Now shower, healthy dinner and gig with the band Stones Throw tonight at The Mix Bistro.

See you there.

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