My 2017 New Year’s Revolution Goals & Stuff

With the start of the New Year it is time to post up my 2016 New Year’s REVOLUTION Goals

#1 Follow my faith, the way that I want to. Not how other feel that I should.
#2 Love my family & very close friends more. If that is possible.
#3 Lost at least 17lbs. To do this it will take more focus & dedication at the gym as well as continuing to work on healthy eating habits, which is going to be New Year’s REVOLUTION goal #5
#4 Continue to constantly workout. My New Year’s Revolution goal is the workout at LEAST 5 times per week with Tuesday & Thursday each being a double CARDIO/DDP Yoga day.
#5 Keep working on better nutrition & eating. It has taken a long time to finally realize that I may go to the gym & workout 5-8 times per week but I can’t out work that damn fork.
#6 Be nicer. Geeze, I am pretty nice already. 🙂
#7 Read more. My 2017 list below. Well the starting list.
* 52 Weeks of Growing Rich – This book has been sitting on my desk for a year. I think that I should finally finish it, but I will start over from the beginning.
* How to Win Friends & Influence People (Again)
* Beach Money This one is actually an audio on my iPhone that I listen to once a month. I love this one.
* Clean Eating for the Healthy Man
* Anything Carl Hiaasen – I just got hooked on his stuff this past year.
* The Bible… Hey Why Not?
#8 Learn more about investing. Penny stocks have been fun but I want to take it further. This will help towards lowering debt & future finances.
#9 Keep my blogs going STRONG! That means posting a lot more than I did in 2016. I got carried away with watching all of the election crap, both negative and positive and lost track of the blog. It is a BIG goal to get things rolling again here for you.
#10 Just be happy

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