Where Have I Been?

Hey Gang, I haven’t been on too much lately and felt it important to get everyone updated as to what was going on.

We lost our Mom Susan Bell Panetta (Ninni) two weeks ago, she passed after a long hard fought over 6 week battle. There were times that we thought that she might actually come home during this time but it was never meant to be as she was called to be with Dad.

I am posting because friends & family from afar have been asking how she was and sending their prayers.

Our family was together with her in person, on the phone & in spirits. Not just our regular family but the many kids who grew up with us in our kitchen & living room eating diners & cakes with us. Neighborhood & lifetime friends like Derrick & Carla who were like another son & daughter to her. There were many others as Mom never turned anyone away. Our house was the place to go whenever you wanted to get away.

There almost was never just the 5 of us dinner time or any other time. Heck Derrick & Carla practically lived with us. She laughed with us, mad us smile, mad believe, spoiled us, yelled at us and drove us crazy at times but more than anything she loved us and I know that she is with Dad (Pappa) now both looking down on their birth kids, neighborhood adopted kids, grand-kids & great grand-kids still loving us and smiling.

A lot of tears have been shed along with smiles. I am sure that there will be a lot more but there will be great thoughts and memories.

I bet that Dad is in one chair and mom is next to him knitting something for us all.

We love you Mom but most of all I LOVE YOU & I ALREADY MISS YOU.

You will always be in my heart; you made me what I am. A Mamma’s Boy, a PROUD Mamma’s Boy.

I am working on getting things back to normal and will start to get my post back in gear as I love to share what is going in my life with you all.

Have a great & safe long holiday weekend and I will see you next week.

Be Blessed

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