Where in the heck have I been?

Okay gang it has been a while since I have really done any real posting. I have been lurking but was like ehhh when it came to working out and posting.

Over past few months since June I have been so hammered with projects at work, working loooong days, gigging with the band, had two bouts of stomach bugs and a minor health scare that they still can’t seem to find out much about.

The thing is my workouts & nutrition has suffered. I have had maybe 4 workouts since June and that is not me.

Me after 2 mile beach run. Hollywood Beach, FL

The minor health scare really caused an issue because my workouts were very limited thus I lost some motivation.

My regular check-up at the dr. she says “Can you drop 15 more lbs but go about it lightly & take it easy?” I actually said “Are you crazy?” Go lightly? Take it easy? No way. Well after that visit came the stomach bugs and the liver/spleen issue.

I had to have ultrasounds, xrays, blood test and even a kidney biopsy.

We're Going In.

We’re Going In.



After all of that and more they couldn’t find the cause of the enlarged spleen.

Tonight I got back under the iron. It was the first time since July and I can’t say how much that I have missed it. While the strength wasn’t there the enthusiasm was.

I got in 10 sets of chest, 10 sets of shoulders, 10 sets of triceps & then a healthy dinner. It felt like “Day 1” all over again. I actually felt like I did over 2 years ago when I started my workout journey. It was tough, it wore me but it made me feel GREAT!

Til’ Next Time

JP - Blessings & Be STRONG!

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